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Developer / Designer / Researching Security

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Administrator at Stray, Minecraft developer & UX specialist, bringing quality of life features to online communities.

I’m a student learning systems and back end development to ship only the highest quality software. I’ve also been researching cyber-security and intend to pursue a career in either security or software engineering, depending on where my path takes me. Many of my projects can be found on my GitHub profile.

I also do commissions for Minecraft development with most of my experience being in server side development, so if you’ve ever wanted to start your own server, or just want some help, feel free to send me a message for more info.



My personal Linux configs, scripts and wallpapers.



Simple scanning tool for Minecraft mods to check them against known cheats.



Minecraft Lookup (MCL), a tiny CLI utility for quickly looking up player profiles.

Stray API


Back end API for stray.gg, allows for monitoring player counts and guild details, public documentation soon.